Mads ceramic & illustration comms! :)

Wanna commission me? Please read my TOS carefully:

I only take payment through Paypal invoices.
Orrrr tip me on Kofi and I'll doodle ya somethin!

Ceramic Artwork Commissions:

Ceramics Commissions: Open! Slots filled (1/5)

Plant pot (bottom hole) or Cup (no handle) around 4 inches tall, 4 inches wide - $80Mug around 4 inches tall, 4 inches wide - $95

Ashtray/small dish around 5 inches wide - $80
Shallow plate/bowl around 7-8 inches wide - $110

Flat character wall hang with hang hole, around 9 inches on widest side.
1-2 colors: $120
(3+ colors fully rendered like the middle example below): $140

1-2 colors for your illustration carving is included in the piece's base price.
If you would like a full color (3+ colors) illustration carving add 20% to base price.
Illustration requests MUST be simple enough to carve in a limited space. I am good at carving most things but just ask if you're unsure your request is too detailed or not. For example, any human characters will be simplified in the above styles.I am best at carving animals/creatures, original characters, humans, text, symbols, etc. I prefer drawing fictional characters over real people, but just ask!

Shipping costs vary based on size/weight of final piece, but can range from $8 - $30 within the US. Please ask about international shipping prices.

How it works:

Send me an email at Wingedtrumpet (at) with your request and reference photos if you have them.I will send you a paypal invoice for the full price of your commission minus shipping expenses (this will be calculated and paid once piece is finished and weighed). Once invoice is paid I can begin working.
I will send work in progress images before piece is fired. Piece must dry before firing and may take a few weeks.
Once piece is dried and fired, it may take me a few more weeks to glaze/fire piece for shipping.
Once I have your approval and shipping is paid, I will mail out the piece.
Because of the nature of ceramics, it may take a month or more to complete a piece. I will do my very best to complete each step when I can and update you on the timeframe. While I typically use 'predictable' glazes, final color shades may vary, and glazes can sometimes run/pinhole/bubble. I will do my best to work with you if you are unsatisfied with your piece, just understand glazes can do things out of my control.Because of the workability of ceramics, I may be unable to make changes once a piece is dried/fired, so please be very clear with me if something is inaccurate.Disclaimers: I reserve the right to decline any subject matter and to cancel/refund a client due to poor communication or inappropriate behavior. Refunds are proportional to the amount of work already done. If I cannot complete your commission for any reason on my end, I will refund you the full amount, no questions asked. By paying for your commission you agree that it may take me a month or more to complete.

Digital illustration commissions:

Monsters, furries, all your human and non human original characters, historical figures, etc. If you're curious about larger projects, 3D work, or anything else, don't hesitate to reach out! Please see my art on Instagram for examples!I can draw nsfw content but I ask you be an adult 18+. I have the right to refuse a commission based on my comfort level, complexity, or any other reason. If you're curious about what I can or can't draw, shoot me a message on Instagram or Email me at Wingedtrumpet (at) !

What to include in your commission request:

Your character (multiple reference images or detailed description)
Type of commission (bust/full body/full color/sketch/etc)
Your name/social media handle and email to send a Paypal invoice

Terms of Service

I only accept payment via Paypal invoice. I require at least half of your commission price upfront, and the rest after the drawing is finished. After accepting your commission, I'll send an in progress sketch that you can approve before I finish your drawing! Once I receive the full payment, I'll email you the high quality unwatermarked files.If you request small changes to the final piece, I'd be happy to make some edits. However, if you request major changes in posing/color/etc I charge an extra fee proportionate to your commission price.I reserve the right to decline any subject matter and to cancel/refund a client due to poor communication or inappropriate behavior. Refunds are proportional to the amount of work already done. I reserve the right to change my TOS at any point.Artwork I create cannot be used for AI, NFTs, mass printing, commercial use, or other large scale projects unless discussed with me beforehand!
Feel free to post your drawing to social media but please tag me @wingedtrumpet on instagram or any other platform!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!